Ecclesiastes 9:11
I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.


After the Flood
After two weeks of rain, on and off daily,  the sun finally came out Sunday. Life does go on after the flood is over it seems.  This news was so exciting that it made the local news on Sunday night.  People at a park were interviewed.  They told what they had done on the rainy days of the flood and what they were doing now on the sunny day after the flood.  During the flood, most people said they stayed in and slept a lot. After the flood they were out playing football, pushing babies in strollers, sliding down slides, swinging on swings,  and of course talking into the newscaster's microphone.  They were living.
In Noah's day, there were no newscasts, but after the forty-day non-stop flood, the sun came out. I know the sun made the news then even though there was no news to watch.  Life went on for Noah for three hundred and fifty more years after the flood.   I suppose during those years he pushed several babies around had time to play a lot of football and do a little talking as well.  Noah must have been highly favored by God not just being the chosen man to survive the flood, but to be allowed to live so long after the flood.  We all have battles we face in life, I suppose the flood was probably Noah's biggest battle. He survived it and went on to live life. 
Genesis 9:28
And Noah lived after the flood three hundred and fifty years
What else was on the news here in Mississippi other than people enlightening the viewing public as to what they did during the recent rainy days?  Brett Favre, the forty-year-old football superstar, out of retirement for the second time threw a game-winning touch down pass for his team the Minnesota Vikings Sunday.  Was the weather rainy or sunny? I don't know but it was a sunny kind of day for Mr. Favre ( has been pronounced favor by some.)   Some might even say he must have the favor of God on his life.  He was born in Gulfport, MS still resides in Hattiesburg Ms where he probably has pushed a few babies in strollers on sunny days and we know for sure played a lot of football. That is an assumption, but practice does make perfect and everyone is saying he threw the game-winning pass perfectly. 
This was a surprise to many naysayers who said his forty-year-old shoulder had seen its best days and should have stayed retired along with the rest of Brett Favre.  Who are we to judge? Perhaps he has been through a battle or two, but he is still playing the game.   
Noah did great things on sunny days after the flood.  I suppose a lot of people (naysayers) probably thought being locked up on a boat for forty days with a lot of animals, the wife, the kids,  would have done poor ole Noah in.  They were wrong.  He was still in the game.
Is Mr. Favre's success because he has favor? Is it because he is highly skilled, brilliant in this game (football )? Or is it just happenstance? 
Who are we to say?  There is nothing new under the sun still even after a flood of two weeks or more these days.  Just watch the news. People are still people. They sleep. They walk. They talk. They play football.  You will find time and chance happen to us all, old and young.  There are rainy and sunny days. Smile if you are a survivor, still playing the game.