Psalm 34:1 I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth


Again, Again
While listening to the story of David and Goliath being taught to a group of children at an outreach Saturday, I wondered how many of the children had heard the story before.  Some didn't listen, but some did. I watched the faces of those who listened. It was exciting to think some of the kids were probably hearing for the very first time how our great God will stand with us as we face giants in our lives.  It was also exciting when I was reminded of something myself which it seems I had forgotten, or at least taken for granted, about David's victory.
The story was retold of a small David fighting a huge giant and destroying him.    As I attempt to write this I think of all I could say that I am sure everyone has heard over, and over about David and Goliath.  I think of nothing witty or new. 
So, is it pointless to repeat the point of the story again?
The battle is not ours, but the Lord's. God gives small, weak people the power to conquer big,  strong giants. When God is on our side, we can win impossible looking battles. 
If you think it is pointless and unimportant to retell stories over and over,  maybe I should repeat the point once again.
The battle is not ours, but the Lord's.  God gives small, weak people the power and strength to conquer big, strong giants. When God is on our side, we can win impossible looking battles. 
Are you shouting hallelujah yet?  God is good.  He still fights for us just like He did for David.  He still gives us strength and power to fight.  Impossible looking battles can still be won by God's children. With God on our side, there is also wonderful peace to be found in the middle of the most chaotic battle.
At the outreach for the children,  the focus of the story was just a little different from the way I had heard it when I was a child.  Yes,  a small David went out to fight a huge giant with only
five stones and a slingshot.  It only took one of those stones to kill Goliath.  David was victorious in the battle.
What happened before David battled? 
Yes, he tended sheep every single day. He had killed a lion and a bear who threatened the sheep's safety. Yes, his brothers thought he could do nothing significant, but the point I had forgotten or at least taken for granted was this.  While tending sheep every day, David had been preparing for the battle in ways other than just killing wild animals.
While he sat alone in a field watching sheep he talked to God through prayer and song. He prayed.  He praised.  David found he was never alone.  God was always there ready to listen.  God listened to David's songs of praise. God listened to David's prayers and answered them.
Today if you are facing giants. If the battle goes on, and on. and on, and you wonder why you can't defeat the big giants as David did ask yourself if you have prepared for the battle.
Spend some time every day singing praises, even if you are already in the middle of a battle.  Spend some time praying to God, not asking why the giant is in your life which you must battle, but just thanking Him for the victory you know He will bring to you, just like He did to David.
Some stories are worth retelling.  When we listen it can be very exciting. God is good. Bless Him at all times.