Psalm 34:8 
O taste  and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man
that trusteth in him.
Daniel 4:3  How great are his signs! and how mighty are his wonders! his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and his dominion is from generation to generation.


Is That All There Is?
There is an old Peggy Lee song by the name above.  I searched for the lyrics, but couldn't find them.   I know the question is asked several times in the song, "Is that all there is?"  Then a suggestion is made as to what should be done if that is indeed all there is.  The suggestion to the best of my recollection isn't anything most Christians would care to partake of or to hear of for that matter.  Even so, the song title did come to mind last week as I talked to a good friend who had just returned from a vacation to Disney World. 
Michele said while she was in the "magic kingdom" she had several moments where she heard God speaking things, showing her things in a new light, in a way she hadn't really thought of before.  Yes, God is always with us, even on vacation, even in Disney World.
Michele explained the way Disney World is set up into separate sectors.  Each division is so big, one is enough for some. Michele's six-year-old had a blast even though he did get just a little blistered right in the middle of all the magic in the middle of February.
Downtown Disney was the first place Michele and her family visited.   Disney Quest was the choice for fun.  It is a five-story arcade.  If her son, AJ, had only gone to the arcade and never seen a single cup and saucer ride, he would have probably been completely satisfied with his vacation.
As the time at the huge arcade came to a close, Michele jokingly  asked AJ, "AJ, that was Disney World now can we go home tomorrow?"  AJ said, "Ok."  He didn't know there were four more huge divisions they hadn't even visited yet.   He didn't know there was more.  He thought that was all there was to Disney World.  Now he was going to get to go home.
Michele said at the moment AJ answered ok, God spoke to her that this is the same attitude of many Christians.   There are so many places we can go in God's Kingdom.  There are so many places we can go in God.   Some just make it to the entrance, the first stopping place. They take the ride when Jesus reaches out  His hand to them. There is a rush of exhilaration, fulfillment, and happiness like they have never imagined, kind of like a child feels when seeing a five-story arcade for the first time.    God saves them by His grace. God tells them, "Now when you die, you can come home and live with me forever."  They say, "Ok!"  
But, is that all there is?  There is so much more of God that so many never take the time to see.  Michele said just as AJ  was satisfied with his crumb of the crust when he had yet to have the entire pie, so are many Christians. Some don't consume the whole pie.   They don't ever go to all the other places God will lead them by His Spirit. 
Today make sure to see all the sites, ride all the rides, experience all the thrills.  You have access to the whole pie.  Taste AND SEE  just how good God is.  God is a big, big God.  Don't miss seeing ALL THAT God has for you while you are here in this earthly kingdom.