Where Are All the Angels?

A woman asked God one night, " Why have I never seen an angel?"

As soon as the question was asked a lifetime of forgotten faces came to her mind.

Suddenly she was a twelve year old in a hospital waiting room waiting to hear the doctors tell her that her dad had passed away. She remembered the face of the lady who sat by her side and held her hand and told her no matter what happened God would always be her Father.

The woman moved on to a time in her teenage years when she was in a dangerous place, a situation she had fallen into, and knew she needed to be out of. She remembered the face of the young woman in the restroom who told her to go home and not make a mistake that could change her life in an instant. The young woman put her arm around her, walked her outside to a payphone, called her a cab and sent her home to her family.

Finally, the last face she remembered was that of a young man who stopped to help her when she sat on the side of the road as a young mother, with temperatures in the teens, with four children in the back seat. He raised the hood of the car, touched something, the car cranked and she and the babies were on their way home.

The woman asked God, "Were those people, angels?"

God then showed her who those people were.

The woman in the waiting room had a twelve-year-old daughter who was in surgery at that moment. She longed to be able to hold her hand.

The young woman in the bathroom had lost her best friend in a car accident when she was a teenager.  She rode with a boy who had been drinking. The young woman had always wished she could have been the to tell her friend not to ride with him.

The young man who fixed her car lost his wife because she was stranded on the side of the road. He always wished he could have been there to rescue her from the cold.

The woman saw in an instant not only had those people been her angel but she, in turn, had also been theirs.  

Yes, the woman who asked the question was me. Yes, those were my angels.

Be aware of angels in your life. Be an angel in someone else's life.