Colossians 3:23
Whatever may be
your task,
work at it heartily
(from the soul), as
[something done] for
the Lord
and not for men. 
 (Amplified Bible)
Pray for a new appreciation
of everyday tasks.
Pray to do each task
with care and love as
if you are doing 
each one for God.

A Little Bird Told Me

Early Saturday morning I  drove in my mother's driveway as I do every day.  I usually drive up, grab the sack with her breakfast, walk up to her steps,  step over her multitude of cats that are waiting on me to feed them and walk in her door.  Saturday things seemed different somehow.  When I opened my car door I just sat there and looked around a minute and thought about the time that is coming when I won't be driving up to my mother's house every day to bring her breakfast. She is 88.  God seemed to tell me specifically that this time should be appreciated every day and not simply looked on as something I just do. 
As I sat, I listened.  There are big oak trees around her house with lots of birds and squirrels, that I also take for granted I guess.  On this day there was one bird whose voice could be heard very clearly above the others.  The bird seemed to sing, "Get ready, get ready, get ready."  At first, I thought this was kind of ridiculous, but I listened closely and heard the bird repeat his song several times. 
My first thought was of the TV evangelist who uses that phrase. I thought perhaps God was telling me to get ready for some great things coming my way, which by the way, I do believe are coming to all of us who believe.  But as I listened, I believed God was telling me to be prepared for a time I won't be coming to this little house early every morning.  I should get ready.  Also, I am sure I need to make sure my mother is ready, make sure she knows where her new home will be when she leaves this one.
Today as you go through your daily routine of tasks that seem mundane, remember those mundane tasks are not to be taken for granted. Appreciate each small task you get to do for those you love.  Make sure those who are in your daily life know Jesus and are always ready to meet Him.  Our daily lives are a blessing from God.  We should appreciate all the good things we have.
Also, we should indeed get ready, get ready, get ready for more and greater blessings He is going to send our way.  We each need to believe they are coming and always be ready.