Matthew 23:37
"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
the city that kills
the prophets and stones
God's messengers!
How often I have wanted
to gather your children
together as a hen protects
her chicks beneath her wings,
but you wouldn't let me
A King has adopted 
you into His family.
Rest peacefully under
His wings today.

Chicken Anyone?

It's chicken time once again at my house. My son started raising chickens several years ago.  He has games, bannies, dominickers and the list goes on. He lost interest in the hobby over the years, but the chickens are still around and are still growing in number. This year we have about ten hens with babies. Some hens only have three or four. Some have more. The other day I noticed there was one hen who had fourteen babies when I counted the first time,  then seventeen, then twenty one!
 I told my son and he explained. It seems there are some of the hens that aren't very good moms.  When a baby chick wonders off they just abandon them. When the chick finally finds its mom she has forgotten that it was ever her child. She attacks the lost chick and in chicken language seems to say depart from me I never knew you. 
Now, this is where the mom with the 21 babies comes into the picture. She starts clucking, calling the lost chick and guides into her ever-growing flock.  She takes it under her wing and begins to guide it on the journey of life teaching it to feed and fend and for itself.  Her chicks are of all brands, some speckled, some yellow, some brown, some blues, some reds.. It doesn't matter to her she adopts them and loves them all just the same. She holds her head high and struts across the yard with her family following in her footsteps. When a hawk swoops down you can see that mother hen defend her babies. She is willing to sacrifice her own life to save those babies, even the adopted ones. When the hawk departs the babies rest peacefully under her wings.
If chickens could think as humans, do you think the baby chicks realize how blessed they are to have someone to take them under their wing, watch over them, and care for them with a love so great that they are willing to put their own life on the line to save them?  I don't know, but I do know the baby chicks are happy just to follow after their mama from day to day.
In Matthew Jesus speaks of the deep longing God has to gather us under His wing and protect us, but we sometime won't allow Him to do so. God wants to adopt us all. He is calling us to join His flock, so He can guide us through this life.   He doesn't care what brand we are. He will take us and brand us as part of His family. It doesn't matter who abandoned us, He will accept us. If we feel lost and forgotten, He will be our safe fortress.  He proudly watches over us and feeds us every day.
We should each realize how blessed we are.  We have a Father who loves us so much He was willing to sacrifice His very life to save us. We should be proud and happy to have the opportunity to follow in His steps from day to day.