Job 14: 1 Man that is born of a woman is of fewdays, and full of trouble. 2 He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not.
This Day I Get to Continue On
I woke up this morning remembering dreams I had dreamed and wondering what time it was. It was daylight almost I thought so I got up.  It was awhile before I realized what day is today. Today was (and still is for a couple more hours) my birthday once again.
I was tempted to think oh no but chose to be thankful when I thought of the alternative. I thought of what if on this day, my family had to say, "Today would have been her 51st birthday if she had lived." Sorry if that is a morbid thought, but it is true.  After we pass, our loved ones who remember, remember what would have been if we had continued on here a little longer. 
Therefore I choose not to be down about being older but choose to be up about being alive with my family even with all the drama and problems that seem to always be around. God has allowed this drama, my story, my life,  to continue on yet another day.
These words today aren't any great revelation to most who read them I sure. I am sure many have thought the very same thoughts on their birthdays as well.
I am thankful for another day, another birthday, the beginning of another year in my life.  Another day means another chance to do things I want to do. I am even thankful for the opportunity to do things I don't have any desire to do.
Just two days ago I read where a friend of mine from the ninth grade had died from brain cancer.  Today a friend posted some old yearbook photos from our school days. One of those friends in those photos died a few years ago.  She took her own life.  Those two will never have the chance to wake up from dreams to the daylight of this world, wonder what time it is, what day it is, or how old they are. Their story here has ended.
God truly holds time in His hands. He knows the number of our days.  Each day is a gift. Life here is temporary.  How we choose to live these temporary lives determines how we will live the permanent one that is to come and continue on and on and on.
May we live each day in a thankful kind of way, recognizing Jesus is the only way to live a life far better than we can ever hope, dream or, imagine eternally with Him someday - whenever that day may come that we know not.