Flawed and Imperfect
The biggest joy of shopping in a factory outlet store is to find a bargain item marked slightly imperfect and upon inspecting it. you cannot find the flaw or imperfection. Maybe the inspector made a mistake. Maybe it's really perfect.  Wouldn't it be nice if we were perfect? Maybe those who inspect us and deem us to be flawed have made a big mistake. What a bargain.
Today many people strive for perfection on the outside that will never be achieved. Many seem to forget about perfecting the inside which is what matters most.  God looks on the heart.
I began writing about these flaws and imperfections on Tuesday.   I felt on the inside I was striving toward the ultimate goal, to be Christlike, which is what I believe we are all called to be. I know I will never be perfect here, but we do have a high standard to mold our lives after, Jesus.  I thought as long as I was halfway satisfied with the inside, it didn't matter if I wasn't too pleased with the outside.
On Thursday God inspected my heart and showed me some imperfections that were there that break His heart which I didn't realize were hurting Him at all.  I often look at myself, the outside, as far less than perfect, sometimes so much so that I actually can't bear to look in the mirror.
As I looked in my sun visor mirror before going in a store Thursday morning, I said, 'Yuck" and slammed the mirror shut.  There is no one certain feature I dislike really. My whole face to me seems to be lacking in everything I think it should be.
I went in and gathered my few items and stood in the check out line. I allowed one man to cut line, I didn't realize why at the time. After the gentleman checked out a lady pushed her shopping cart up in the line behind me.  The lady had only half of a face, literally One side had no eye, not even an eye socket. There was only flesh hanging. The other side of her face appeared to be perfect.
I cried.
I went out and sat in my car and asked God to forgive me. I told Him I was so very sorry. I realized every time I said those mean things about my face that He loves, I break His heart. I thanked Him for the face He gave me that He believes is perfect. I know He also believes the woman with only half of a face is perfect.  We are each fearfully and wonderfully made. We are each created in the image of God.
I dried my tears as best I could and had a conversation with the lady as she put her groceries in her car. I know God placed her in my path Thursday to show me my flaws and imperfections disappear when they undergo inspection by God who sees me as perfect, imperfections and all.
He loves me. What a bargain.