From Slimy Mud to Cool Green Moss


A butterfly flew gracefully over a pond. Below a huge bullfrog sat looking for lunch.  The butterfly, tired from a long flight, decided to land on a nearby bush.  As the butterfly landed the frog said, “Hi, nice weather we're having, why don't you come on over and talk awhile. It gets lonely out here.” 


The butterfly, knowing full well the bullfrog had no intention of wanting to talk said, “Yes, nice weather, sorry to hear you are lonely, but I think I will stay here, I can talk loudly and can hear you just fine.” 


The bullfrog, somewhat perturbed, said, “Oh, think you are better than me huh, you with all your beauty and grace, well you were once just a slimy ole caterpillar crawling on the ground."


The butterfly, somewhat amused, said,   ”No, not better than you, perhaps wiser, but not better. God made us all. He has a perfect plan for our lives.  I heard you were once a slimy, scaly, little tadpole swimming in the murky, muddy pond. Now you sit in the shade on the cool, mossy bank.  God allowed a great metamorphosis to take place in your life just as He did in mine. I am most grateful to God for my freedom, aren't you glad to be free?”


The bullfrog, getting more perturbed and hungrier, asked the butterfly if he might come a little closer to discuss the joy of his freedom.  


The butterfly replied,   “Yes, you may come closer, but I do want to let you know, no matter what you say or do, you can't take the joy of my freedom from me. I will not be consumed or altered by your negativity. God allowed this metamorphosis in my life. I know He has a plan for me and I am going to enjoy every moment of my freedom.”


 With that, the bullfrog leaped and lunged at the butterfly.

He missed by a mile. 


The butterfly looked down at the lonely, bitter, hungry bullfrog as he flew away.  "I will pray he may realize the miracle of God’s metamorphosis, and the plans He has for his life.

May he appreciate the freedom to live on the cool, mossy bank instead of in the miry, muddy pond."


Appreciate the freedom you have in Christ.  

You no longer have to crawl. You are the head and not the tail.

He pulled you from the mud and mire to rest

in the shade of His grace.

Praise His name.


God planned a marvelous metamorphosis for you long ago. Leap for joy.