John 2:4 Jesus saith unto her, Woman,

what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come.

5 His mother saith unto the servants,

Whatsoever he saith

unto you,

do it.

The end of your


as you know it. 

The beginning

of your


as He wants it.


Mine Hour Is Not Yet Come

In the gospel of John, we find the story of water being turned to wine by Jesus. This was the beginning of His ministry of miracles while He was here on earth living as man.  I believe Jesus knew from the very beginning what His assignment was.  He was born to die, to be the Savior of the world.  Even though He did know who He was, what His intended purpose was here, perhaps  He knew once that first miracle happened, it was the end of life as He had known up to that point and the beginning of life the way God the Father intended for Him. Sometimes I wonder did He want to delay that intended purpose from the beginning for just a bit.  He did tell His mother that His hour had not yet come, almost as if He were trying not only to convince her of that but perhaps Himself as well. He knew once He took that first step His time remaining here would be limited.  He knew the remaining time would no longer be His time.   In the garden, He prayed if it were God's will to take the cup of death from Him.  Even though He was truly God, He was living here as man and did experience the whole realm of human pain and emotion.  Jesus prayed not my will but thine. He did live out that prayer when He carried out the plan  God had for Him form the very beginning of time. He died on the cross for a very undeserving human race.  In some sense, it was as if the first steps to Calvary were taken the day His mother encouraged Him to begin His miracle ministry by telling the servants to do whatever He said. I believe Mary also knew what was meant to be and she gave her beloved Son just a little push to begin the assignment given to Him by God the Father. She spoke with authority.   

Sometimes it takes someone other than ourselves to recognize what we are mandated by God to do.   Sometimes it takes a voice of authority commanding that we begin the ministry God intends for us to carry out.   We each know deep inside what God is calling us to do.  We know when we take that first step it will be the end of life as we know it and the beginning of a life belonging totally to God. We are to be like Jesus.  We are to follow His example.  When our hour comes we are to carry out the assignment God has given to each of us, whatever that assignment may be.   We should not delay, but do whatever He has commanded us to do.  The Bible does tell us to watch and pray, what day and hour Jesus will return to this earth no man knows.   We shouldn't waste precious time.   When our hour comes, we should each boldly do whatever God commands us to do.