As you read this poem, think about what legacy 

you will leave behind for generations to come

Acts 7:49
Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will ye build me? saith the Lord:
or what is the place of my rest


What House Will You Build Me?
Last night I had a dream of a house built so well and fine.
It was immaculate of a very grand design.
I dreamed of columns and staircases reaching too high ceiling beams.
I dreamed of fireplaces and mantles carved with elegant outdoor scenes.
There were chandeliers in every room hanging down.
There were bay windows all around.
I saw marble floors beneath my feet.
Through pure silk curtains, I looked out onto the street.
I realized this house I had wandered into must really be mine.
God must have decided to reward me with this mansion so fine.
I decided to just sit down and relax a little while
Just being in such a beautiful place made me smile.
As I napped in an elegant chair covered in velvet so soft and plush,
There came a great noise followed by a disturbing hush
I looked all around to see what had come into this mansion so great.
I looked and heard a voice saying, “Child, are you ready to meet your fate?”
My eyes opened wide, my heart began to race,
As I realized I must be looking into Jesus’ face.
The Jewish carpenter, the son of God, stood right before my chair.
My whole body quivered as He said He had some things He wanted to share.
He said,” I see this house of yours built so very well.
Much money it will bring when it comes time to sell.
People will come here to examine and explore,
Every detail they'll go over from ceiling to floor.
Someone will think this a good deal and will buy.
Some will find themselves asking why,
Would anyone leave a mansion as great as this?
This house is one for which anyone would wish.
Years will go by and your name will be soon forgotten.
Years will go by and the elegant beams will become rotten.
The columns will crumble the chandeliers will fall.
Just a pile of rubble will be left behind, that is all,
What have you done for me while you were here as man?
What kind of house have you built that will always stand?
Have you laid foundations for generations who will follow you?
Have you raised walls to protect Godly principles in all you do?”
I finally found my voice and He allowed me to speak awhile.
Lord, I have loved you always since I was but a child.
I have gone to church and tried to be really good most days.
I have avoided hatefulness, haughtiness, and other evil ways.
This house of mine I thought was a reward from you
I didn't realize you had any work you wanted me to do.
I thought you just gave me things here free of charge..
I thought my goodness was rewarded by this house so large.
I thought I was supposed to just relax and smile after you saved me.
I didn't know I was supposed to be working, building anything you see.
Lord if you will give me just a little while longer,
I will make sure I build this house for you much stronger.
When I leave this earthly home behind one day,
Others will find you through my legacy I pray
Generations will follow and build houses filled with your strength and grace.
Generations will follow you building Godly houses always seeking your face.
The Lord looked at me with the kindest eyes I've ever seen
“Child, I am glad you finally understand I wasn't trying to be mean.
I just wanted you to realize houses built for men won't last that's for sure.
Houses built for God the Father will stand the test of time, they will endure."