That Was God/That Is God
Prayers are prayed daily by many. Many prayers are heard and answered daily. I have often written about my beilief that God has a way of  sometime sneaking the answers in on us and we don't even notice the prayers we
 prayed have been answered.   Sometime in a day or two, sometime sooner, sometime later, we will notice the answer that came in an unexpected, sometime unnoticeable way, and we will then hit ourselves n the head, kind of like a WOW, V-8 commercial moment.  We will say, "Wow that was God, and I didn't even notice."
However, there are other times we don't have to think back on a moment and say that was God.  We know at the moment the prayer is answered, the moment the miracle
takes place that God is God and He is answering our prayer right before our eyes, no sneaking an answer in, it is an obvious God moment.
This week I had a friend have a wow God moment. My friend was facing financially difficulties. She was truly sorrowful that her tithe to God was not there
as it had been in the past. She repented for what she felt was misuse of finances that prevented her from having tithes to give. She cried out to God, believing  He would answer. The amount that she usually tithed came Sunday
morning just  before church service.  A friend called and told her that she felt God was leading her to give her a certain amount of money. That certain amount of money was the amount of the tithe that she had regretted not having.
My friend rejoiced and is still rejoicing.  God answered in a way that was undeniably God.  I don't believe God's purpose was to make sure the tithe was paid this week, but to show that He does answer miraculously in unexpected ways very quickly.Some ask why do  miracles no longer happen like in Bible times? Why do things no longer just appear? Why do things like diseases no longer just disappear?
I think sometime God is waiting on us  to repent, to cry out and  truly believe our miracle will happen.
My friend believed.
(1.) She was truly sorrowful
(2.)  She repented
(3.)  She cried out to God
(4.) She believed God would answer.
He is a God that answers small prayers.
He is a God that answers big prayers.
He is a God that answers by and by.
He is a God that answers immediately.
Sometime His answers are obvious.
Sometime His answers require a little thinking on our part.
Today cry out to God and believe  that He will answer.[
And a small p.s. thank you to my friend.
Thanks for inspiring this devotional, but more than that thank you for inspiring meto know there are people who truly strive to obey God in every way and are truly
sorrowful when they don't. To all the tithers and the non-tithers, there is alesson to be learned here. It almost inspires me to take  up an offering. Just kidding, but remember this story the next time the offering is taken at
your church.
Malachi 3:10
Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house,
and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you
the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall
not be room enough to receive it