I Corinthians 2:7  God's wisdom is something mysterious that goes deep into the interior of his purposes. You don't find it lying around on the surface. It's not the latest message, but more like the oldest--what God determined as the way to bring out his best in us, long before we ever arrived on the scene.  THE MESSAGE

Purpose Fulfilled

Hairbrushes have a strange way of disappearing. I don't know about at your house, but at my house, there seems to be a  huge hole that opens up and sucks in hairbrushes,  all shapes, and sizes,  all colors, and brands, new or old, expensive ones, cheap ones, round ones, flat ones. No hairbrush is safe.  Sooner or later, usually sooner, they all meet their mysterious demise.  Now, of course, part of this mystery can be attributed to four grandsons and a teenage son running late and frantically grabbing a brush when they are on their way out the door. The hairbrushes go out, but very rarely return.   It seems all hairbrushes around here are destined to disappear.

Another thing about hairbrushes here in the winter, if I happen to be able to get my hands on one that is, they are always electrified.   I carefully place one that is mine, and mine alone, in a safe place and again mysteriously, the hidden hairbrush is found by someone who lovingly fills it with static electricity that is lovingly passed on to me.

One morning last week, I had a brand new hairbrush still in the package, unopened. I was happy because I knew this one would surely be electricity-free. As I opened the package containing my hundredth thousandth brand new brush this month, I noticed it was made in China.  I thought, "Gee this hairbrush has traveled a long way to get here." I didn't know how much work, how many people, or how many machines it had taken to make and package this one hairbrush. I didn't know how many miles it had traveled to reach this place, this point in time, but right at that moment, I thought that this hairbrush, this simple little object that most don't give a second thought to, was about to fulfill its destiny. It was going to do what it was created to do. Its journey was complete.  The hairbrush was going to brush hair, and it did.  I threw the made in China package in the garbage, hid the brand new hairbrush that had fulfilled its destiny in a safe place, and didn't give it another thought for a while.

Later that day for some reason I thought of Veggie Tales. I knew there was a song about a hairbrush. I thought the title was,  I Love My Hairbrush, but found the actual title is Where Is My Hairbrush.  I need to learn the song and sing it often I guess.  Now, the point of this whole writing is not to find a way to solve the ongoing saga of disappearing hairbrushes at my house or to find helpful hints to prevent static electricity or even to point out my keen observations of where hairbrushes come from in the first place.  The point of this hairbrush tale is to make us all use our heads that hold the hairs that we brush to think about our destiny, and our fulfillment, of what we were created to do in the first place.

As Christians, we know we were created to worship the one true and living God.  We also should know God has a  plan and a specific purpose for each of our lives.  There are gifts and callings inside each of us that we were designed for.  Now those gifts and callings may appear to be hidden from others, or even from ourselves at times, but there are things deep inside each of us that we know without a doubt we are supposed to do.  We think, pick me, pick me, and know we could do it, but hide away safely and never open our mouths. 

Much time and many people go into bringing certain things coming to pass in each of our lives.  No matter how much difficulty and static we may receive from others and even from ourselves, there comes a time when talents and gifts cannot stay hidden.  God's timing is perfect and when He gives us a nudge, we realize everything we have experienced up unto a certain point was part of His perfect plan preparing us for that moment.  As He strips away the packaging from things hidden inside each of us, we place ourselves in His hands and He helps us to be and do all He has planned for us.  Yes, the journey is sometimes a long one, but we will reach our destination if we trust in God's plan and God's timing.

Today if you happen to have your hairbrush handy, if it hasn't been sucked into the gigantic hairbrush hole in your house, take it in your hand.  Stand in front of your mirror and think while you brush.  What were you created to do?  What talents are hidden?  What packages has God already opened and shown you the contents of, but because of inhibitions and fear and static from others you have backed down and not fulfilled the magnificent destiny God has for you here? The journey is too long for us not to fulfill the purpose of the trip.  And by the way, have you seen my hairbrush? It's missing again.