Fat Men Can Drive
Ok so fat isn't a term that is politically correct... perhaps I should say 
"Extra large men can drive extra large trucks," which is what I learned last week while working at the convenience store that is also a truck stop.  The truckers come in and go rather quickly for the most part. They usually want someone to hurry up and run their fuel man cards, turn on their diesel pumps so they can fill up and go. Those fill-ups are usually three or four hundred dollars. I guess if I were spending that much on fuel I would want people to hurry up and wait on me too.  There are a few who take it a bit slower. They come in and want to chat about the town, Tupelo. Most want to know how it is pronounced. Some want to know if they are in Alabama yet.  Some want to know do we sell eggs and some want to buy greasy pizza sticks or corn dogs.
Last week as I was hurrying trying to close down my register, get everything done that is on my to do list before I can go home (there is a long list) I walked down to the other open register to borrow a pen.  The young girl checking was talking to a trucker about his food choices, the ice in Arkansas, and her grandpa.
I felt drawn to this particular spot for some reason, but I hurried back to my register and didn't get involved in the conversation. As I went to return to the pen, I looked to see the trucker she had been talking to going out the door. I said, "Good night be careful" and really looked at him for the first time. He was as I said extra large. The young girl said, "He is so big and he bought three corn dogs and two pizza sticks!"  I said, "That's so sad."  She misunderstood and thought I was poking fun. I said, "No, I mean it is sad, I got the feeling he had some serious health problems."  I shut my drawer, clocked out and knew I was supposed to pray for the man. I asked the young girl which truck was his, was he still there?  She pointed to a truck and said, "The blue one." As I got to the door I saw the truck.  On the trailer in big red letters were these words, "JESUS CHRIST IS LORD."  On the cab were these words "He leads me beside the still waters, He restores my soul."  I went out where he was fueling and asked if he minded if I prayed for him.  He held out his hands. We prayed. 
Now I don't know this extra large trucker's story, but I do know he definitely believes Jesus Christ is Lord and he believes He is leading him as he drives that big truck up and down the highways with a great big fat extra large marvelous message that he is spreading in his own way.
The message I got from his message, his visit into my life at the truck stop that night was this: No matter who we are, what we look like, what size we are, there is something we can all do for God in a large way. The anointing of God was on that man. I felt His presence as I walked to the register where he was checking out. The man didn't have to say a word to me, I just knew it was God in Him the hope of glory. I thought of all the lives, all the opportunities that man has every day to spread the good news of Jesus. How many cars do you think that truck passes in a day?  How many stops does he make at truck stops all across the country?
I again thought of my own situation, the place God has placed me. I have been called quite for so long by so many, even though I don't really think of myself in that way.  But....Quiet people can pray. How many opportunities do I have in that place every day?   May I quietly in my own way be just as bold as the extra large trucker.  May I use this place in whatever way I am called to do to spread the message that, Jesus Christ is Lord. May He continually lead me
May we all take whatever God gives us wherever we may end up and use it in a large way for His glory. However God has made you, He can use you.
I Love You Flowers
An American Poet

How many seeds do you suppose we all plant in a lifetime? I am not talking about black-eyed Peas, Rutabagas, Artichokes, Yellow onions, Eggplants, Radishes, or Squash. I am not talking about Turnips, Indian peas, Mustard greens, or English peas. I am not talking about Green leaf lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce, Vine ripe tomatoes, Indigo peas, Navy Beans, or Green beans, I am not even talking about Figs, Apples, Strawberries, or Tangerines. Wow, all those cover a pretty wide mixed variety of vegetables and even some fruits. But those very few are not even a start to name all the many different wonderful things that come up from planting seeds into rich fertile soil.
Today I, as well as most of you I am sure, watched history take place as the 44th President of the United States took the oath of office.  I watched President Obama as he watched the ceremonies that proceeded and that followed his actual swearing-in ceremony.  There was a wide variety of dignitaries who participated, some very famous to everyone I suppose, and some not so famous to many.   There was a beautiful rendition of " My Country Tis of Thee" by Aretha Franklin, a beautiful musical performance by a pianist, and a violinist who I did not know.  There was The National Anthem by the Navy Seals Choir. There was an invocation by Rick Warren, who I know to be a man of God. There was a benediction by an older gentleman who I have to admit I did not know, famous he may be, but not as famous as Rick Warren to most I don't believe. I found myself crying throughout the ceremony.  I thought of all the things not only President Obama had gone through to reach this point in his life, but also all the things these others had been through to reach this most memorable moment in all of their lives I am sure.  If this handful of people can reach, overcome and attain, we all can. YES WE CAN.
The point in the program when I really began to cry uncontrollably was when a woman was introduced.  I didn't even hear her name. All I heard was, "Now a poem, by-----an American poet."  What all did she have to overcome to reach this point in her life? How much hard work? How much enjoyment in writing something she felt was just right?  How much disappointment when others decided it wasn't just right? How many questions as to whether this writing was really what she was called to do?  I know none of those answers. All I know is the poem was beautiful. She read it beautifully. It was a beautiful moment in the middle of a beautiful day of history that will not soon be forgotten. It touched something deep inside of me and gave me renewed hope that I didn't even realize I had lost.
I believe many seeds were planted by someone somewhere for all these people succeeding and seeing their dreams come to pass today. The seeds were not planted in a garden but were planted in rich fertile soil maybe generations before these today.  The seeds were Prayer, Time, Giving and Fasting to God by many. These seeds planted were planted in God's rich fertile soil.
May this day be a day that we as a people, we as a nation, truly believe we can all do all things through Christ who strengthens us day after day, generation after generation, seed after seed. And as for another beautiful poem: this one I certainly did not write but is famous to most. Its words are just as true today as they were when it was written long ago by an American poet, Clare Herbert Woolston (1856-1927), a preacher in Chicago, Illinois, the home state of President Abraham Lincoln, and of course President Barrack Obama
Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.
Red or yellow, black or white
They are precious to His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world!
Clinking and Clanking with God by our Side
On the drive to church yesterday morning my car clicked, clanked and clunked, stubbornly spittered and sputtered.  Missing, I think, would be the proper terminology to describe this malfunction of this magnificent masterpiece of machinery. Actually, it is a ten-year-old clunker that I am most thankful to still be clunking along in during the recent gas price explosion.  It used less gas than any other vehicle I had the option to drive.
Yesterday my grandson was riding along during one of the cars "I think I can moments."  He said, " Are we going to make it? I told him, "Yes, we will make it. This car is great. This day is great. We are going to a great place (God's House) and I just know we will get there without any problems with Him by our side."
That is when my grandson told me for the first time what he knew that I already knew that I didn't know he knew yet.  He is soon to be nine, but like most kids these days, he is wise beyond his years.  There isn't a lot we adults can hide from them.
He said, "Everything isn't great today, not in my family, we do have problems,  my mom and dad are getting a divorce."  He began to cry.  I pulled off the road and hugged him really tight, wiped the tears from the little face that I love so much,  and tried really hard not to cry myself. 
We have all agreed during this most difficult time there will be no discussion of this with the kids especially in a negative manner against either parent.   I, of course, told him everything will be ok.  God is with Him, with all of us always. He never leaves us or forsakes us no matter where we end up.  God loves Hunter! I love Hunter. He is covered by the blood of  Jesus and no harm will come to him.  God has great plans for Him and just because this event could possibly take place it will not change who God created him to be. I gave examples of adults he knows and loves who had parents to divorce when they were young, some who didn't even have dads or moms at all, and they still turned out ok, even better than ok. 
He said,  "I know but I just want them both living with me all the time." 
Of course this is all breaking my heart, four little boys who now face  the possibility to  have to go through visitation rights, having a room here, a room there, maybe even the possibility of not being able to come to my house whenever they want like they have their entire life, for the oldest one that is twelve years.
Now from the sadness to the hope part of this story. I have to encourage myself today as I hopefully encourage all of you. 
Hunter asked to join in on the prayer we usually have before services on Sunday. so he understands prayer changes things. In Children's Church, Hunter answered questions about Jesus changing our hearts, cleansing us from sins, so he understands Jesus changes hearts.
There was one worship song the children sang. It is actually just a scripture, a Psalm set to music. It says create in me a pure heart on God so I can be holy.
About fifty children sang the song, Hunter included. At the end of the song, one little boy who normally doesn't seem to be really interested in the music asked could they sing it one more time.  They did. I believe God spoke to all the kids that day, not just Hunter, that there is BIG HOPE  in HIM even when there are BIG PROBLEMS in our lives.
Today my oldest grandson handed me a small rock.  We have kind of collected them through the years. He said, "I found this rock for you at my "new" house." That alone almost made me cry.  The rock looks striped kind of, but I realized it is really not striped but circled. Around the rock were six perfect circles.  The circles are for a mom, a dad, and four boys who  God loves very much, 
It was a small rock, but have you ever seen how really small a mustard seed is? There is a picture of a handful of them at the top of this page.  Today as I hold this small rock (my mustard seed) I imagine myself holding a handful of seeds, maybe just six, and planting them. I have faith they will come up and prosper and produce great things.  Nothing is impossible. I have faith
that all good things are coming to those who wait on the Lord.
Today whatever problems you may be facing imagine a mustard seed for every problem, for every loved one.  Picture yourself planting them and have faith they will come up and produce great things. Answers will come. Problems will be solved. God will step into storms and bring peace.  He will wipe tears from tiny faces everywhere whose only hope right now is just to live with mom and dad both.  That is my prayer today. He can keep circles of love in families joined when everything seems impossible. As we clink, clank and clunk through problems in this life, we have the power from Him, who is right by our side always,  to move mountains if we have just a little faith.
Remember Jesus did say, I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.