I've been waiting for awhile now Lord, how much longer will it be?

I've been waiting  on all the things that I have prayed to see.

Lord, that prayer I prayed  last week,  what about that one?

And the one from yesterday, is that answer just about done?

Waiting is something I have never really liked to do.

 Though I know waiting is worthwhile when I am waiting on you.

Lord, one more prayer I hurriedly send up to you today,

Let me learn to patiently wait on you after I pray.


Learning to Wait

Have you ever been sitting behind a  young child at church who has just a little trouble sitting still? I have seen children do all kinds of things to entertain themselves as they wait for their age group to dismiss for class, or get on to whatever it is they like to do best.  Some like to draw.  Some like to count the lights on the ceiling.  Some like to crawl under the pew.  One of my favorites is a little girl who sits on her hands after her mother has repeatedly reprimanded her for twirling her hair.   Let me see, who does that remind me of?

Yes, children aren't the only ones who have trouble with patience.  Adults also seem to be in a hurry, not necessarily always in church, though that does happen at times.  Adults are always wanting to move on the next thing and get that done just to be able to get to the next thing, and the next.  There is a song that says, "I'm in a hurry and I don't know why."  Why are we in such a rush always? 

Another area of impatience that adults are experts in is prayer.  We pray prayers and give up so easily when they aren't answered when we think they should be answered.  God's timing is perfect and we should indeed learn to wait patiently on Him.  If necessary draw a picture in your mind every day of just what the situation or person you have prayed for will look like when God finishes His perfect work.  Count the lights shining in your life, the blessings you already have, while you are waiting on the new one you have prayed for.   Don't crawl under anything and give up. God is in control.  Satan is the one who will have to crawl under our feet and hide.   Don't fret, don't worry, don't twirl your hair, just sit patiently with the assurance of God being in complete control.   God will step into every situation at just the perfect time and reprimand those who need reprimanding who come against us.  God is patient. He waits on each of us to come to Him.  He waits on us to worship Him, to pray to Him, to live for Him daily. He doesn't give up on us answering what He has called us to do.  He patiently waits. Be still, wait on God. He will answer.