Deuteronomy 11:12
A land which the LORD thy God careth for:
the eyes of the LORD thy God are
always upon it, from the beginning  
of the year even unto the end of the year.

Prayer Driving
Ephesians 6:18
Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

On this the last day of 2005, I would like to wish each of you a very happy and blessed 2006.  As you make your New Year's resolutions, (if you make any) may I suggest a plan to help you keep those resolutions this year.  Stick to a  daily routine.  The most popular resolution among most people is to lose weight.  I have been told the best way to accomplish that is to stick to a daily routine of a healthy diet and exercise. 

The most popular resolution among most Christians is to read their Bible more. Again, the best way to reach that goal is to stick to a daily routine.  Read at a set time every day. Some like to read as they begin their day, some as the day comes to an end.  It doesn't matter when just make sure to set a time and stick to it.

One more resolution that we need to make this year as Christians is to pray more.  Pray daily for each other, for our local body of believers.  Pray daily for our local communities,  for our states, for our nation, for this world.

A good way to fall into a routine of praying at a certain time every day would be to figure out a place where you spend a lot of alone time, mostly thinking of what you already did today, what you need to do before the day ends, and what all you can get done to get a head start on tomorrow.  Sound familiar?  How many times are you driving to a destination that takes quite a while to reach, but when you reach it you remember nothing about the journey from point A to point B because your mind has been racing with frenzied thoughts of what all you need to get done when you to do arrive at your destination?  Now honestly, does all that thinking help you to get anything done any faster, or better when you get where you are going?

 According to a  research article by Alan Thein Durning, How Much Is Enough? The Consumer Society and the Future of the Earth, the amount of time the average working American spends behind the wheel: 9 hours per week. Nine hours is a great beginning to the resolution to pray more. 

Commit this year as you put your hand on the ignition to give that alone time in your car to God.  Turn off the radio, clear your head, and talk to God.  Pray silently, out loud, however you feel comfortable.  God will hear you.  If you are moving your lips at the red light, no one will care, they will just think you are trying to sing with the radio. If they look at you funny, pray for them.

I pray each of us will take the time to pray this year, if not in our cars, somewhere.  This nation needs to return to God. The best way for that to happen is for each of us to return to prayer.

2 Chronicles 7:14 
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
May you each have a blessed and Happy New Year.
New Beginnings
A Few Scriptures
Deuteronomy 11:12
A land which the LORD thy God careth for: the eyes of the LORD thy God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even unto the end of the year.
This week as I thought about the New Year, I thought of new beginnings.  Usually, everyone has renewed hope for a brand new beginning this time of year.  As I studied scripture for new beginnings,  I found the verse above.  Just as God is no respecter of persons, it seems He is also no respecter of certain times of the year. He indeed does care for us at the beginning of the year, but also throughout the year, even unto the end.  His eyes are always upon the land of Israel and also always upon each of us.
 As we begin this New Year we should be patient, not proud, and look forward to the end which could possibly be better than the beginning. Each day of the year,  beginning to end, is all about what we make of it.  What kind of spirit are we beginning this year with?
Ecclesiastes 7:8
Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.
 All the promises God has made and showed us can come to pass suddenly.    We should be patient, yet also ready,  and always expectant.   This year be watchful for those promises to come to pass suddenly that have come from God's mouth to each of us.
I have declared the former things from the beginning, and they went forth out of my mouth, and I shewed them; I did them suddenly, and they came to pass.
Finally, this scripture below reminds me that as we look forward to new beginnings, new treasures that God has for us this year,  we also should hold on to old treasures.   The past, the present, and the future makes up each of our lives.  We should treasure every new day and also treasure every old memory.  God wants us to use both our old and new treasures for the furtherance of His Kingdom.
Then said he unto them, Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.
He does have His eye on us always from year's beginning to year's end, which can be better than the beginning if we wait patiently.  His promises that have been declared to us from the beginning may come to pass suddenly this year.  We should each hold on to old treasures from the past, adding them to new ones we gain this year, using them all for God's glory, and the furtherance of His Kingdom.


As I thought of the New Year beginning I began to wonder what I should share. Everything I thought to write for this thought about the new seemed to have already been said.  I couldn't think of anything new
to say about the New Year beginning. I thought of all the hope that lies in front of us. I thought of all the things we have overcome that lie behind us. I thought of memories made and memories waiting to be made.  So with that thought about the new, I simply share a poem I wrote tonight and the short devotion I wrote with the same title last week.
Giving Up The Old
There is a new road that stretches in front of me.
As I began to take the first step I look behind me.
What if with the first step on this new road
I lose things that are behind on the old road?
What if I give up something that I may need along the way?
What if there is something back there I will miss someday?
Am I going to be strong enough to make it down this road on my own?
Am I going to have others stepping with me, or will I step all alone?
I look in front of me and see hope and promise shining brightly.
I look behind me and see memories began to fade slightly.
I look in front and see new beginnings waiting to begin.
I look behind and see unhappy circumstances growing dim.
It seems to me on this journey down this timely road  I am on,
This new year is ready for the taking and the old year is ready to be gone.
Promises and hopes of the new outweigh old things I grudgingly hold on to.
It is time to take a step of faith and do all new things I need to do.
As I journey into this new year I know I will never be alone.
When I look back at the  old year that is now gone
I know Jesus was  with me then helping me to stand
I know He guides me through all days, He always holds my hand.
A six year old cleaned out his toy box before Christmas to make room for new toys. While his mother watched, he eagerly found toys to donate to the needy. As he put toys back in the box, he looked at the giveaway pile. He said, “ Wait a minute, I am giving up too much.” His mother explained to him to get brand new things he had to get rid of old familiar ones. He had faith in his mother’s words and believed the promise of the new coming was well worth giving up the old.
At the beginning of the year, we look forward to new things coming our way. Sometimes we have to get rid of old things to make room for the new. We look at things we need to give up and think we just can't do it. God is watching and waiting for us to understand for all the new promises to come to pass there are a lot of old habits, hurts, grudges and ruts we have to get rid of. Have faith in God’s Words. Get rid of the old, make room for the new. It will be well worth your effort.


I John 2:8

Yet I am writing you a new commandment, which is true (is realized) in Him and in you, because the darkness (moral blindness) is clearing away and the true Light (the revelation of God in Christ) is already shining.