That's right--he
rescues you from hidden
traps, shields you from
deadly hazards


Psalm 91:3
Surely he shall deliver
thee from the snare of
the fowler, and from the
noisome pestilence.


What's That Noise?
How much faith do we have that God really does rescue us from hidden traps and shied us from deadly hazards? I think some of us believe God protects us from big things, but take for granted the not so obvious hidden smaller traps and hazards He protects us from.  How many times do we complain of backed up traffic jams we find ourselves in and never stop to think why God might have us sitting still?  What accident might have been waiting to befall us up ahead if we had been there instead of sitting in backed up traffic?   This week I found my own faith for the little things wasn't as great as what I thought it to be but found God protected me and rescued me anyway.
A friend and I took a short trip to hear a missionary speak. We left home in time to get where we were going early enough to have time to eat and shop a little before the church service began.  All went well until we started back home around ten. We were riding when suddenly there was a noise, unidentified, but definitely a noise.  We were on a dark stretch of highway with no businesses or houses around.  I wanted to stop to see what the noise was, but my friend insisted that we keep driving to a safer stopping place.  I obeyed her and drove on.  The noise got louder and louder. We finally got to a store and  I pulled over to see what was causing the noise.  I saw nothing. Whatever was producing the unbearable noise was definitely hidden from me.   I kept questioning should we stop or try to drive on home.  I  seemed to forget momentarily that God was present in the middle of the unbearable unidentified noise.
We made it home I found totally by the grace of God. The noise, the hidden trap, the deadly hazard, was a brake caliber that had worked it's way loose. I was told it was a miracle that the whole wheel didn't run off the car. 
Whenever you find yourself faced with situations, big or small, you don't understand, with noises and things which you have no idea where they are coming from, just trust in God.  He truly does take the wheel and take over in all situations.
Listen, this isn't just noise.   It is no secret, what He did for me, He will do for you.    He will protect you. 
That's right- He will rescue you.  He will shield you. He will get you safely home.