When it comes to walking with God, there is no such
thing as instant maturity. God doesn't mass produce His
saints. He had tools each one and it always takes longer
than we expected.


Power to Get Out of Those Ruts
All I want for Christmas is___________.  How would fill in the blank this year? Of course, there is always one humanitarian in the crowd who answers "world peace," which is a great thing to want,  but as far as material things, this years' list is much like last.  I checked on 2009's most popular answers. As always electronics are high on the list.  Ipods, MP3 players, new and improved cell phones, and laptops are what a lot of younger people want.  Diamonds are still a girl's best friend and many ladies are hoping to find one under their tree.  At work Friday night, the question was asked and answered by a lot of the young girls who were working.  No one mentioned diamonds. One girl wanted new tires for her car.  One girl said, "Forget tires, I need a whole new car.   What I really want is a four-wheel drive. I need one to get out of ruts."
As she spoke those words I thought about my sixteenth Christmas.  When I was sixteen I was still riding a bike and probably the biggest thing I got for Christmas that year was a new diary and an Eagle's album (Take It Easy).   When I heard the words four-wheel drive,  the wheels in my mind began to spin.  Getting out of ruts is what a lot of us need, really what the whole world needs I suppose.
Think about what a four-wheel-drive does. You push a button and everything changes instantly. There is sudden pulling power where there was once only spinning causing tires to sink deeper and deeper into muddy ruts. Technically four-wheel drive means this:  a vehicle with a drive train that allows all four wheels to receive torque from the engine simultaneously.
In other words, the wheels are all pulling together in the same direction at the same time. 
Without wheels cars are useless.  A car in the mud with wheels simply spinning is useless, but when all four wheels work together vehicles have the power to get out of ruts and move on where they are supposed to be.  As I said, sounds like what the whole world needs.
This year as you think of what you want for Christmas before you think of electronics or diamond rings before you think of world peace, think of first achieving peace in your own life.   Is there any place physically or spiritually where you seem to be spinning and sinking deeper and deeper instead of moving forward?  Is there a tool we as humans can use to get us out of life's ruts? Is there a great big power button to push which makes everything within you pull in the same direction?  Is there any way to make those around you all pull together to accomplish a common goal? 
Unfortunately, there are no quick fix buttons to make everyone work together. If there were, there probably would be instant world peace, no hate, no war, no hunger, no turmoil, only peace.  Then the day would come that all would take it easy I suppose.
No, there are no buttons to push, but there is power we can all receive. There are prayers to be prayed and peace to pursue that surpasses all understanding. We must rise above the mud and mire and reach out and receive it.  We must get out of the same rut and realize we have the power to move forward through Jesus Christ who said, Ye shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and ye shall be my witnesses unto the ends of the earth. 
Let's get moving, the whole earth is waiting on us!