II Chronicles 25:2
And he did that which was right
in the sight of the LORD,
but not with a perfect heart.


         Right in the Sight
Amaziah's Story
 Amaziah began his reign as king at the age of twenty-five and reigned for twenty-nine years. As  Amaziah began his reign,
 he spared the lives of children when he murdered his enemies who had murdered his father.  This was considered a right thing in
the sight of God. (II Chronicles 25:4)  It seems he started his reign with the best intentions, but before his story ends we
find he turned to much evil and the worship of idols that eventually led to his own murder.
Amaziah just didn't have his heart in the right place.  When he spared the lives of the children, was is simply
because that was the way his father before him would have done?  Was it out of fear of what others would
think of him, or fear that God might strike him dead if he did this evil act?  Was it really because he thought it
was the right thing to do?
As Amaziah, we sometimes start off with the best intentions.    We sometimes do things that we think are right in
the sight of God, but what are our reasons for doing those things?  Are our hearts in the right place?  Are we simply
following customs of generations that came before us?  Are we simply doing these things to impress others, or
out of fear of what might happen if we don't do what is right in the sight of God?
I found the phrase not with a perfect heart seems to describe a take it or leave it attitude toward God.
He didn't really fight against God, but he didn't really fight for Him either.
The general character of Amaziah: He did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord, worshipped the true God,
 kept the temple service a going, and countenanced religion in his kingdom; but he did not do it with a perfect
 heart (2 Chronicles 25:2), that is, he was not a man of serious piety or devotion himself, nor had he any
zeal for the exercises of religion. He was no enemy to it, but a cool and indifferent friend.
Henry, Matthew. "Complete Commentary on 2 Chronicles 25".  
Today we should each check our hearts.  We will never be perfect while we are here,  but perhaps we could get our
hearts just a little closer to perfection.  We should make sure our hearts are not cool and indifferent. It seems
when your heart isn't in the right place, your whole life ends up in the wrong place. Amaziah who started off with the
best intentions eventually turned to evil and idolatry. Those around him conspired against him, he fled, they
found him, they slew him, they buried him.