Isaiah 55:8,9 

For my thoughts are
ot your thoughts,
neither are your ways
my ways, saith
the LORD.
For as the heavens are
higher than the earth,
 so are my ways higher
than your ways,
 and my thoughts
than your thoughts.


 For Sure For Sure
As I sometimes sit thinking day after day,
I wonder why did God choose to do things this way?
Why is it men always doubt just what God can do?
Why is it some just don't seem to have a clue?
I know my God can turn things around.
God can change everything I have found.
For every disease and weakness, God has the cure.
He daily turns surely nots into for sure, for sure.
Men say some dreams are totally impossible
My God tells me these dreams are highly probable
Men say, "This dream coming to pass; a very  unlikely thing."
My God says, "Most likely my child; it's not just a dream."
"Not in a million years," I have been told.
"This is the acceptable year," my God shouts ever so bold.
"Not in this lifetime you poor sad sack"
I thought I heard, "This is even the day of your salvation Jack."
Some say. "Never." My God says, "NOW!"
Men speak negatively and laughingly ask, "How?"
Many  even go so far as to rebelliously ask, "Why?"
My God speaks positively; He can never tell a lie.
There is a God I know who turns things around.
He is the answer for everything I have found.
For all of life's problems, He has the cure.
He can turn surely not dreams into for sure, for sure.
I hope this poem encourages someone today to know our God is the God of the impossible.  He doesn't stop at one miracle. He doesn't stop at making one dream come true.  He daily cures incurable diseases.  He daily makes a way out of impossible situations.  He daily opens doors to make impossible dreams become a reality.  When everyone says, "No way," God says, "WAY."  His ways, His thoughts, are definitely higher than man's for sure for sure.