Exodus 3:4
When the LORD saw that
he had caught Moses' attention,
God called to him from the bush,
"Moses! Moses!"
"Here I am!" Moses replied.

Ah, the joys of

life everlasting,

that should

never go unfound.

There He Is

When was the last time you played hide and seek?  Remember how it felt as a child to sit perfectly still and hear whoever was "it" pass by your hiding place. It was always a thrill when "it" said, "I give."
Then the "hidee" jumped out and shouted,  " Here I am, I win!"
As we grow older we play hide and seek with our children and then our grandchildren. Sometimes we simply play the very elementary version with babies. We hide our face or have the baby hide theirs with their hands. "Where's Bobby?"   We uncover our eyes, or remove Bobby's hands from his face and proudly proclaim, "There he is."  The baby laughs and immediately says, "Do again."
Ah the joys of life, that sometimes go unappreciated. 
The joy the child gets from the game I think is to know somebody actually cares where they are.  When a child hides and the adult doesn't bother to come to him, or when he hides his face and no one ask where he is, that is no fun.
The joy the adult gets from the game is to see the joy on the child's face when they are found. The adult feels a sense of togetherness and closeness with the child and it feels good to be needed, if only for a seemingly silly game.
We as adults sometimes play hide and seek in our everyday lives without realizing it.  We sometimes think we are hiding from God. The thing is God knows where we are always.  We can't hide from Him.
He knows all our best hiding places.
We are His children and He does indulge us at times just as we do our children. Sometimes I think God might ask over and over where we are hoping we will finally uncover our faces and look to Him.  When we do come to God I think He smiles. 
Isn't it a joy when God finds us, or maybe I should say when we find Him? He knows where we are all along.  Isn't it nice to know He actually cares where we are? He cared enough to send His son to die for each of us so that we might be found.
It is a thrill when we feel God drawing close to where we are.   It is a thrill when we finally say, "Alright God I give into your will, here is my heart, here is all of me." When we tell God, "Here I am," we win.
Ah, the joys of life everlasting, that should never go unfound.