John 13:35
By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.


Last week in my city we had a Unity Conference.  The intent of the conference was to bring all races and denominations together physically, spiritually, and financially. For five days we heard dynamic men and women of God speak the Word. We heard music that lifted high the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as we worshipped Him.  We received teaching on finances to help us realize we can reach our goals. I attended two sessions each day.
At the end of the week, I thought back on all I had heard.  I thought of each speaker and what I personally had gotten from the message each one had delivered.  Speaker after speaker seemed to draw and connect to the same central idea which I don't believe was planned by man. I think God was in the middle of the Unity Conference and the message He wanted to be delivered. 
Even though racial and denominational lines are drawn in Christianity which some are still hesitant to cross, that is not the main obstacle that keeps the Body of Christ from being unified. The main obstacle to Christians being all that we can be lies within each of us. There are problems within each individual race and each individual denomination.
There are problems within each Christian. Within "black" churches, within "white" churches, and within"mixed" churches we are divided against each other. A house divided cannot stand.
We disagree and fight over the most insignificant things while the world outside our church walls is dying and going to hell.  they never know the hope, the answer, we each hold hidden within our hearts.  We worry about our children being entertained instead of being fed the Word of God, while there is a whole world of children, waiting for our children to reach them with the Truth.
If we want to be unified we must start living as the powerful people God intends for us to be.  We need to learn to love one another within "the church" or we will never learn to love all those that are waiting and are literally dying, for us to show them the love of Christ. 
We accept our diseases, shortcomings, and failures as unhealable, undeniable and unchangeable. God intends for us to be the head and not the tail.  He intends for us to be whole and powerful to do His work. He intends for us to be a light shining in a world that grows increasingly darker day by day.  The power is within us.
I saw a sign on a church marquee this morning. It said,
"When God is your power source, you never have to worry about your power being cut off." 
Grab hold of God's hand. Receive His power. Love one another. Go forth with an unstoppable unified effort to reach the world for Christ.