Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we

 may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need."
---Hebrew 4: 14-16
For I will restore health to you And heal
you of your wounds,' says the LORD,
Jeremiah 30:17a 


Riding Wrecked

While sitting in the middle lane at a red light last week, I glanced at the cars on either side. To my left was an olive green SUV, brand new, not a dent or scratch. To my right was a cherry red Chevrolet pick up. At first glance, it appeared perfect. When the traffic moved up a little I saw the whole tailgate was crushed in from a wreck. The truck had a bumper sticker explaining the damage. The sticker said, "Yeah it's a wreck, but I had fun spending the check." 

Some people without insurance have no choice but to ride wrecked. There are many who have insurance, but never file claims, never collect checks, because they fear it will increase their rates. There are many who do collect the insurance, spend it and never fix the damage. They don't take advantage of the availability to have their vehicle repaired. They are satisfied to live with the wreck, as long as they have the momentary satisfaction of spending the check.

Do you think people sometimes apply the same principal to wrecks in their lives? There are those who don't know God. They never have accepted the salvation available through Jesus. Until they receive the assurance of their salvation they will continue to ride through life lacking Jesus Christ is a great insurance policy that everyone should be given the opportunity to hold. Some (many Christians) do have the assurance of God's salvation through His Son Jesus Christ, but when wrecks occur after they receive their salvation, they never file a claim. They never call out to God to heal every dent and scrape. They spend more time counting the cost of humbly calling out than counting the blessings waiting to happen. 

God is the great restorer while we are riding on earth. Miracles happen every day. Some (many believers)don't take advantage of God's power to fix every aspect of their lives. At first glance, they appear perfect, but inside they are crushed and damaged. Some are satisfied to frivolously spend time in the pleasures of this world. They rather live in the moment with deep hurts and scars, rather than live totally for God, trusting in Him to repair every wound. The Bible tells us to come boldly to the throne of God, ask for mercy and find help in our time of need. He heals wounds. He restores wrecks.

Judy Parker